Our Visible Groups

Below, you will find a complete list of groups %s that are at least partially visible to the public. (In the future this page will get replaced with some sort of search feature, but while we are young and nimble, we show it all.) Groups have the following privacy levels:

  • Open: Anyone can see posts, and anyone who is logged in can comment. (But you have to be a member to make a post.)
  • Public: Anyone can see posts, but you have to be a member to comment.
  • Private: Anyone can see that the group exists and can read the About page, but you have to be a member to read the posts.
  • Secret: Only members and those invited to be members can see these groups. (Secret groups are not listed on this page!)
The Secret Illuminati for The Ammelioration of the World
Our goal is to ameliorate the world through transcendentalism and by meeting at secret tribunals and reading The sorrows of W..
a public group

Taco Bell at the Pentagon
Is Taco Bell in control of the Defense Department?
a private group

Edible Landscapes by Farmer Steve
Farmer Steve teaches suburban homeowners to grow fresh food on their lots without compromising proper landscape design.
an open group

Entertaining Literature Discussion
This is a discussion of good, bad, and disputable literature promoting the first, denouncing the latter, & discussing the last.
a public group

Forager - Farm Smart Software Discussion Group
Here we discuss the use and benefits of the Forager app, give tips and advice, and share wisdom and stories about farm life.
an open group

Woodberry Forest Class of '82
A Private Group for and about the Woodberry Forest School Class of 1982
a private group

Conntects Development Plan
The Conntects Development Plan Group is an invitation-only page for the founders, advisors and potential investors.
a private group

The Group for Soup
Culinary ratinociations in unwonted vistas - Flosky Good, healthful food, unless it be from Flosky - Glowery
half open group

Rebel Heretics Chat
A private group, by invitation only.
a private group

The American Ideal
We're trying to create something more serious than strident, more civilized, more thoughtful, and considerate.
a public group

Orchestral Masterminds
This group is for music enthusiasts. We can talk about music, link to favorite pieces, and share our music journey.
a private group