Conntects Terms of Service

This is a public alpha test of the soon-to-be great Conntects social networking service. Expect some bugs.

And while efforts are ongoing to improve security, this site is not hardened to bank grade levels.

As such, do not upload information onto this test platform that would cause harm or embarassment should it be acquired by hackers, federal authorities, or teenage space aliens.


The code for Conntects will eventually be used for a a paid service on a .com domain. In order to exercise code related to payments, this test platform asks you to to pay in zorkmids -- a fictional currency from ancient computer games.

Do not provide us with any real world bank card information at this time!

When the code matures sufficiently, we will then interface with a vetted payments processor to deal with credit cards and sales tax.

Affiliate Program

There are references to an affiliate program as well. Whether there will be one when we go live with the .com version of this site depends on how this affects our sales tax status.

The planned arrangement for affiliates run thusly:

Refund Policy

This service is sold on a whole month basis. If you use the service for part of a month, then you are considered to have used the service for that month.

Account creation constitutes use.

Annual membership is considered to be prepayment for nine months, with three free months thrown if you remain a member through the first nine.

Pseudonym membership is truly annual. No refunds once your account is created. The reason for this policy is to prevent spammers and trolls from creating large numbers of fake accounts.

Email Policy

You may receive emails from us for the following purposes:

We do not sell or rent out your email address.

Privacy Policy

We collect sufficient information to operate this site, including:

Some information is kept on what you have read in order to allow you to have cursors to keep track of where you left off reading posts from other members, groups, and blogs.

We do not sell this information.

We do use third party hosting (Pair Networks) to store all the information for this service.

We do reserve the right to scan incoming pictures for porn. Do not upload porn.

GDPR Issues

For now, this site is hosted in the United States. Consider yourself to be visiting the United States and living under US law when visiting this site. No attempt is made to comply with the laws of other nations.

Changes to Come

These terms have not been blessed by any lawyers. New terms will be issued when we can afford a lawyer.