The Group for Soup

Culinary ratinociations in unwonted vistas - Flosky Good, healthful food, unless it be from Flosky - Glowery

This is half open group, owned by Ferdinando Flosky.

Ferdinando Flosky started this group to write silly recipes satirizing healthy food blogs. (He thinks they're too straightforward and I think they aren't straightforward enough and between the two of us we created a funny recipe.)

I, Scythrop Glowry, am a partner in this group and use it to share the creative and healthy things I have cooked. My efforts strive to be easier, less time consuming, less expensive, healthier, tastier, and less wasteful. All recipes I write have been tried at least once, but, as I rarely use precise measurements when experimenting, the measurements are not always exact.

- Glowery

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