Woodberry Forest Class of '82

A Private Group for and about the Woodberry Forest School Class of 1982

This is a private group, owned by Stephen J. Douglass.


The Woodberry Forest School Class of 1982

A Private Group Page For All Our Classmates

To a man, every classmate I've talked to has told me that his time at Woodberry was the most important and formative experience of his life. For me, graduating after four years and three summer schools was both a minor miracle and the major accomplishment of my life. At the time, I don't know that I appreciated the gift I was given to attend such a beautiful place, and, I certainly wish I had taken better advantage of the educational opportunities offered. I always admired those that made the most of their years there.

Forty-plus years later, it's our classmates that I appreciate the most. We have a mutual history and bond like few others. Every time I see any of us, the fondness and familiarity is immediate as if we were still heading over to Mr. Reid's biology class or down to the football field.

This platform that I've been building with an amazing coder and friend gives us an opportunity to share pictures and posts with Reimers-approved proper grammar amd styling without character limitation. Messaging is top notch and live chat will be available in the next sizxty days. Best of all, within this Group, it's just us. Invitations-only for the Class of '82.

You will need to set up a profile on the Conntects where you can post just like any other social network. Conntects is old-school in appearance for now, but has technically advanced coding and features with a code-to-the metal tech stack using the latest Golang back end. In fact, your input is required to make this site better - a self-sustaining success - but regardless it will always be here. On what other site can you contact the "founder" and have him change the site to your liking?!

Go Tigers,


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