Entertaining Literature Discussion

This is a discussion of good, bad, and disputable literature promoting the first, denouncing the latter, & discussing the last.

This is a public group, owned by Scythrop Glowry.

The main object of this group is to ameliorate misconceptions about literature (especially old literature) drawn from the usual specimens of such, since the said samples do not always represent the best flavor to be had from their place in the literary balance (rather as one who has been brought up on canned vegetables will think vegetables are very dissagreeable things).

The group's icon represents this by showing Maid Marian next to Ivanhoe with Ivanhoe looking rather sickly. They were both written principly in the same year (1818) and feature two of the same historical (legendary?) figures (Robin Hood and Richard Plantagenet), yet though the former is (as far as I can see) indisputably the more entertaining, it has been plunged into obscurity while the latter (which is very boring and gives literature a bad name) has been glorified by television, English classes, and booksellers.

Whether you usually enjoy literature or not, so long as you enjoy reading, enjoy the discussion here begun!

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)