About Conntects

Social media have been frying our brains with overly viral content for over a decade. And it has been getting worse on certain platforms of late.

Then, the major social media companies went in to for censorship, including censoring some creative centrist sites.

So a couple of aging frat brothers decided to make and market a better social networking platform: one where you are the customer and our job is to help you connect with friends, family, and other contacts. We work for you, not advertisers or data gatherers.

Conntects is more manual than the legacy services, so there is a bit of a learning curve. But once over the hump, keeping up with your contacts is far easier. You don't have to game an Engagement algorithm to get your message out.

And unlike Facebook or Twitter, Conntects is suitable for long form posts as well as quick notes. You get most of the formatting power of a blogging platform without having to deal with plugins and whatnot. While the QTML markup language can take a bit of getting used to, some people find that writing a long article using QTML is less distracting than using a word processor.

Conntects.net is the free alpha test platform. When the product matures, conntects.net will be closed to new users, but existing users can continue to use conntects.net for free as a thank you for your alpha testing. Also, the .net platform will be used for testing new features after the paid conntects.com site launches.

Who We Are

Stephen Douglass will be the president of the company when we launch a formal business. If you are interested in being a ground floor investor in Conntects, talk to Steve. He can be emailed at

Carl Milsted, Jr. handles the technical end. He coded this site in Go using the Go standard library and just a couple of add-ons. He can be emailed at