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An Obsolete User Interface

Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 18 20:17:08

OK, I have been pushing people for feedback this week, and the verdicts are in:

  1. People do like the more salesy front page that I installed yesterday.
  2. People think the user interface is "dated." (Or some more pejorative adjective.)

The People have spoken!

And I am prepared to listen, and sometimes heed, advice and criticism.

Please criticize the look and feel of the site in the comments below!

Specificity is useful. My natural inclinations to web design tend towards the excessively groovy. For example see my very first web site. Or look at the Internet Archive snapshots of fnora.net Beautiful, that site was.

But The People didn't like it. They say Conntects is better, even if when they cannot spell or pronounce the name.

And, by the way, with sufficient feedback, I have been known to make sites that don't look too bad, such as the Bible study chapters on holisticpolitics.org (But if you use the Internet Archive on that site, you will find some grooviness of extraordinary magnitude. Wear dark glasses.)

What Will Stay Old School

I intend to continue with QTML. I don't have the resources to write WYSIWYG editors that meet my standards. Also I personally like a good markup language. I have been fantasizing about writing a better markup language since before the World Wide Web was created. I got my first taste of markup languages using troff to format my doctoral dissertation. Ever since, I have wanted something more powerful, but still easy to type.

One day I might extend QTML to lay out books and magazines. Adobe InDesign may be powerful, but it is expensive, and at least for the version I used, it was easy to chop off articles and make other mistakes without the program screaming Danger, Will Robinson!

So learn QTML if you want to jazz up your posts.

Tags: user interface


Scythrop Glowry on Sep 19, 2023 1:31 PM

There is no way to abandon a comment.

You lose your post if you accidentally tap the back button.


Scythrop Glowry on Sep 27, 2023 8:04 AM

Another bug - a big one!

The bottom floats over the Edible Landscaping blog button pannel !


Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 27, 2023 12:58 PM

in response to comment_76_2

Just fixed.


Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 27, 2023 1:06 PM

If case anyone hasn't noticed, the layout has be updated substantially.

I have narrowed the top bar and use simple pages to serve as drop down menu substitutes. The top dashboard is not meant to look like an old school dashboard on a car or other device with lights behind colored glass.

I put the green frame around the dash as a direct black to white transition drew my eye too hard. A touch of 3D for the floating control bar makes the float feel natural.

I want to do something similar to the tabs found on blog, group, and member pages. The tab metaphor breaks down on narrow screens, and the colors clash with the new look of the header and footer.


Darren on May 30, 2024 11:59 PM

Ok, probably a "st00pid n00b, didn't you look in X or Y unintuitive-part-of-site....?" question...but since I ran across this blog after I'd apparently posted in a long-go old thread (or whatever they're called here) which probably won't get a reply because nobody will see it..how do I leave a group, or even the site itself? Normally there's an "unsubscribe" button or something similar for groups, and a "Delete Account" or similar button to leave a whole site. I wasn't able to see either of those for this site and its groups.


Carl Milsted, Jr on May 31, 2024 8:17 AM

in response to comment_76_5

I think you are right. These features are missing. I'd have to do such things manually at the moment.

I'm adding to the todo list.

(If you really want out of a group or the site, private message me and I'll do it manually.)


Darren on May 31, 2024 8:21 AM

in response to comment_76_6

No, I just needed to know how to...in case I ever *did** need to leave. Not really that that I was trying to leave immediately.

I did have a question or comment that I'm gonna PM you about though. Thanks!


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