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Known Bug: Cache Not Refreshing

Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 27 13:39:14

Once upon a time I had the Dashboard working properly. When you looked at a post, the cache refreshed properly and the dashboard deleted the todo items properly.

Then I added email notifications. The whole caching mechanism has been redone to prevent emailing redundant notifications. I touched a lot of code in the process, and it seems that I have introduced some bugs.

I will fix. But it might not be until after I make a few more beautification tweaks. Stay tuned.


Chris Price on Sep 30, 2023 3:24 PM

I was reading replies when I got this, using Brace browser session on Android.


Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 30, 2023 8:30 PM

in response to comment_77_1

Thanks for the catch!

I went through the logs and found a panic.

And when I found the source of the panic, I found a similar error in a whole bunch of other cache stanzas -- the downside of copy/paste vs. generics.

Hopefully, I have the bug you found fixed, as well as some quirks I have been noticing in the dashboard of late.


Chris Price on Sep 30, 2023 11:45 PM

in response to comment_77_2

Thank you.


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