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Carl Milsted, Jr on Sep 10 20:58:28

I have now set email notifications to be fully on for new members. And for you old members who haven't manually set their notifications, I have retroactively turned them on for you.

If I have set things correctly, you will not be seeing redundant notifications for the same event.

And even with the Daily Digest turned on, you won't get a digest unless something has happened since the last digest -- and you haven't already seen it via your dashboard.

I highly recommend keeping notifications on. Unless you have subscribed to a frequent poster, you won't get many emails. But with zero emails you will likely miss those infrequent posts or messages. On the other hand, if you regularly check your dashboard, then you might want to dial down the notifications.

At the moment the posting of notifications is purely manual. So Daily Digests are going to be less than daily, and I haven't set up a system for more frequent checks for messages and/or direct comment replies yet.

As of now, if you turn off the daily digests but leave the notifications for private messages on, you will get a digest if and only if there is a new private message since the last digest. So don't freak out if you email tells you more than just what messages you haven't seen yet. The rest of the email is just gravy.

Also, I'm not sure if I have all the logic in place to prevent redundant notifications of group admin tasks. But frankly, if you are going to own a group and demand moderation, you should try to keep up with such tasks. With great power comes great responsibility...

Please let me know in the comments if something goes wacky.

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