The Demo Members

Looking for those weird accounts used in Tour? Here they are. The faces are AI generated. The Biographies are whimsical. These are not real people.

Guest Number 5,
Created to give VIP guests quick access to Conntects and pre-approved Development Plan Blogs, Groups, and Founders.

Phineas Goldfoot,
Mortician, Artificial Intelligence expert, and swimwear designer. I like cats.

Sandra S. Soloman, NY
Writer for The Atlantic. B.A. in Women's Studies from Brown University. FEEL THE BERN!! Sanders for Prez 2024!

Nate N. Norovski, VA
3rd generation Russian. William and Mary alum. Russian language translator for Dept of State.

Meera M. Maduro, SC
University of Miami alum. President of "Cubans for Trump Coalition."

Jolene J. Jefferson, GA
UGA alumnus. Go Dawgs! Professional MMA fighter. "Triple J" and "Jolene the Jackhammer" Ranked #8 UFC Banatamweight.

Joe Bagofdonuts Guidone, NJ
Hey, Yo! I'm on this social thing. Better be chicks on here. Know what um sayin'? Otherwise badabingbadaboom.

Harmeet Kirpan Srinivasan, CA
Born in the Punjab region of India, I moved to Los Angeles at age 6. US citizen. President of Sikhs for Liberty. UCLA alum

Geoffrey B. Longfellow, MD
English teacher at Annapolis Elementary School. University of Maryland alumnus. PhD in CRT. My furry name is HuskyHooHoo.

Frederick Von Breaux, VA
PhD in Sociology from University of Richmond. Currently janitorial technician at Ukrop's.

Ella N. Lavigne, NC
Partner at Lavigne and Lavigne, LLP. I represent tech companies and drunk drivers. UNC alum.

Delilah D. Darling, NC
Dental technician. East Carolina University alumnus. On weekends I flirt with the hot Farmer Steve up the street.

Edible Landscape Design, NC
Lessons from Farmer Steve: Homeowners growing fresh food on their lots without compromising proper landscape design aesthetics.

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