A Tour of Fnora

A quick tour of Fnora's features.

This is a public blog, owned by Carl Milsted, Jr.

About A Tour of Fnora

Put on your spandex shorts. It's time to take a ride. And put on a helmet, too.

No, not that dorky helmet made of styrofoam.

The other helmet. The one with the tinfoil and the wires sticking out.

It's time for a major mindset adjustment. For you see, Fnora is different.

Fnora does not employ evil robots to figure out what you should see.

Instead, Fnora puts you in control. Whose posts do you want to look at today? Do you want to see them all or skip to the most recent? When you make a post, whom do you want to see that post? Who gets to send you a private message? Who gets to see your blog[s]? Who gets to join your group[s]?

YOU decide!

But there is a price for such power.

With Great Control comes many controls.

Why Bother?

OK, though we promised that Fnora won't fry your brain as much as the other social networks, Fnora does require a bit of brain sweat at the beginning -- enough brain sweat that some people will be tempted to sell their synapses to one of our competitors, one with well developed Evil Robots which pretend to your bidding.

Before your wimp out, think back to your early childhood. Most of you learned how to ride a bike, even though at first, a bicycle was an absolutely terrible form of transportation. Indeed, many of you started off with something much easier. Maybe something like this:

Yet you learned the bicycle anyway, despite many falls and bruises. Because once mastered, you could ride 40 times as fast and far on the bicycle as on the toddler toy.

Facebook is like that toddler toy. Fnora is like the bicycle -- only much easier to learn and no bruises.

Experience True Freedom. Take the Tour!

The Tour includes:

  1. Post with Style
  2. Look Mommy! No Feed!
  3. Make Connections...Politely
  4. All Purpose Privacy Filters
  5. Keep Up with Conversations
  6. Bring Back the Old Blogosphere
  7. Host Your Own Forum, or Ten
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Then join. And ride. Ride like the wind!

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)