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Frequently Asked Questions

Carl Milsted, Jr on Mar 29 20:57:25

This FAQ will be updated as more questions come in.

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About Fnora Questions

Why the name Fnora?

Fora is the plural of forum. Smoosh that together with fnord and you get Fnora, a place where people can host fora where you are allowed to see the fnords.

Why the wild color scheme?

America has become dangerously angry and frazzled. It's time to chill out and hearken back to a groovier time.

By why all the purple?

Fnora is intentionally non partisan. It's time for Red and Blue America to start talking to each other again. We can find some win-win solutions if we just lighten up and negotiate with each other.

What's the deal with the scary logo?

You mean this cute not-so-little guy?

That's the All Seeing Eye freaking out over what people are allowed to talk about here on Fnora.

All Seeing Eye??

It's a metaphor, dude. It represents whatever powerful forces that are dividing and conquering us: Big Corporations, the International Communist Conspiracy, The Bavarian Illuminati, The Man, Malevolent Space Aliens, whatever.

So is this a political site?

NO! Ask yourself: Is Thanksgiving a political holiday?

Of course not. But political discussions often arise when people gather together. Whereas the subject should be family, thankfulness, and turkey, there is often that cantankerous uncle with some crackpot political ideas to disturb the tranquility.

(And yes, in my family I am that cantankerous uncle.)

But Thanksgiving is also for catching up on other subjects, for reviving good memories, for having a good time, and watching football.

Likewise, Fnora is meant for keeping up with old friends and family, and discussing all sorts of subjects: frivolous, serious, sentimental, fun, etc. -- without being interrupted with ads and "suggested posts", nor being censored by supercilious ninnies.

Basic Use Questions

I just Joined. Now what?

Well, if you haven't already, take the Tour to get an idea of what Fnora is about. Also take enough of the QTML tutorial so that you can make posts and comments on this quirky, but powerful, platform.

Then fill out your About page so others can know whether they want to connect with you or not. And please give yourself a profile picture -- even if is an avatar vs. a real photo.

Next, look at the main menu under Browse. Find members you want to connect with, blogs you want to subscribe to, and/or groups you want to join.

If you want to connect with certain friends or family, you need to get them to join and then connect.

I read a post already, yet it is showing up on my dashboard. How do I skip?

Fnora does not track every post that you read. That would be a huge N2 problem. Instead, Fnora maintains a cursor for all of your subscriptions and memberships. If you want to jump forward (or backwards), go to the member, blog, or group in question, and hit the Posts tab. To move the cursor, click the GO button next to the post you want to read next. The button will take you there and the cursor will be set to the post after that one.

If, instead, you click an ordinary link to a post, the cursor will not be moved.


You need to be logged in to comment

Drag the picture you want to upload into the large box below. You can use the controls to edit the picture to be uploaded. This will not affect the picture on your hard disk.

Or, if you are on a tablet or phone, or don't like Drag and Drop, you can select a picture using this

Get a modern browser to make picture uploads

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Color Balance:
Red: 1.0
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Blue: 1.0
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Slide the boxes with triangles along the edges of the picture to crop.

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)