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What's New, Late May 2023

Carl Milsted, Jr on May 19 15:11:05

A New Brand

The big new thing is a new brand: Conntects. For those new to this site, I originally coded this as Fnora — a Social Network Where You Can See the Fnords. This was fun but perhaps too weird for those unfamiliar with Discordian humor. And for some strange reason, many people didn't care for my purple and cyan color scheme.

So I created a new set of templates and css files, added some flags in the code, bought another domains, and voila! Conntects.

Both sites are running simultaneously and share the same database. For now, if you join one, you are on the other. This is an A-B test of branding. Your opinions on which is better are welcome in the comments.


I've added support for HTML entitites within posts and post titles.Now you can add things such as Γ Ξ © — “ ” þ ü

But you cannot put an umlaut over an n. Sorry, Spinal Tap fans.

Better Security

I've beefed up the encryption of passwords and cookies. Longer keys and two people with the same password have different encrypted passwords in the database.

Coming Next: Tags

My next task is to implement the long-promised tagging system. While not important now, it will be when the number of users goes up. Tags will link related posts. And there will be local tags for find posts within groups, blogs, and personal pages.

Also, I intend to add tagging capabilities to blogs and groups themselves, so they can be better found.

And the Usual

As is the case for all posts on this blog. Feel free to go off topic and use the comments section to report bugs, ask questions, etc.


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