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Annotating Personal Posts

Carl Milsted, Jr on Jan 7 12:41:13

Lately I have started using Conntects as a distraction free word processor to make blog posts on other platforms. I just make a post with none of the channels checked and use the Edit in Separate Window feature so I can get a bigger editor box with line numbers and see formatted text side-by-side with the QTML source.

But something bugged me about the arrangement. When I am logged in and see my list of posts, there are my private notes to self mixed in with the public posts. Makes me want to edit the post just to see if it is truly secret.

So, I have just made a small upgrade: in lists of posts, there are icons denoting how public the posts are:

A public post. The icon is supposed to be a megaphone.
A private post; i.e., a post just to subscribers, filtered by channels. The icon is supposed to represent wires send the messages to particular people.
A note to self. The icon is a musical note. Terrible pun.

Suggestions for better icons welcome.


Chris Price on Jan 7, 2024 1:27 PM

Good idea 💡!


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