Carl Milsted, Jr

Location: somewhere in NC

The guy who coded up this social network.


About Carl Milsted, Jr

Physicist/number cruncher for most of my career. When the work got dry and all the want ads in the area were web related tasks, I decided to create a web thingy myself. Given how the legacy social networking sites have been misbehaving, I figured there'd be a market for a social network which doesn't fry your brain and doesn't meddle with the national discourse.

But now I see juicy number crunching jobs around the country which are open to remote workers. So the race is on. Who will get to me first?

  • A venture capitalist with enough money to make this site ready for paying customers?
  • A corporation in need of clever algorithms and code that runs fast and is ready to pay more solving their problems?


Besides my personal feed, I have several blogs on this site:

Bugs and Beefs This is where I announce bug fixes and new features, and you get to complain about bugs and needed features.

A Tour of Conntects Self explanatory. If you are a new to this site, I suggest you take the Tour.

Conntects Tutorials More in depth help on using this site.

Developer Notes Public musings on the philosophy behind this site and on software development in general.

Green and Free The blog that goes with the site The subject is how to clean up the environment while preserving liberty and prosperity.

Holistic Politics The blog to supplement my evergreen content at That's my twenty year old site where I explore the intersection between four core political values: liberty, equality, nature, and morality.

By the way, moving those last two blogs here allowed me to ditch all Wordpress. Freedom from spammers and annoying updates! Almost justifies the effort building Conntects by itself...

About my Pretentious Handle

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