L.E.M.'s Books

The place where L.E.M.'s friends and L.E.M.'s relatives' friends can read L.E.M.'s books as they are edited and offer critique.

This is a private blog, owned by “L.E.M.”.


About L.E.M.'s Books

The "logo" picture is a helping hint for L.E.M.'s friends, relatives, and friends of reletives. It is related to the title of the current book being serialized.

(By the way, just because I might have a few spelling errors and typos in my preface and "abouts" doesn't mean the chapters I am posting still have many errors of that kind - that said, if you see one, please point it out. I am not good at spelling, but Libre Office helps. Plus, I already have one reader who marks my drafts.)

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)