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Carl Milsted, Jr on Oct 17 17:45:59

Conntects can be a place to put personal notes. I've been using the comments section of a post with an unused channel for some time for this purpose.

And now that I have the Edit in Separate Window feature working, complete with line numbers [optionally] in the preview, I'm beginning to like composing in QTML just as much as using LibreOffice. Maybe even better.

There is a certain distraction reduction that comes with using a plain text interface.

Maybe I'm weird.

Anyway, I have removed the restriction that you have to make a post either public or select at least one channel. You can now make a post be just a personal note.

In the future, I intend to add filters to your list of posts page so you can see your personal notes by themselves, as well as just private or just public posts.

When time permits...

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Chris Price on Oct 17, 2023 9:12 PM



Carl Milsted, Jr on Oct 17, 2023 9:36 PM

I was going to put in the post that maybe George R.R. Martin should try Conntects. Look up "George R. R. Martin wordprocessor". I did so and go an Ars Technica article which explained why Wordstar for DOS rocked for writers.

And my system doesn't match those capabilities.

But then I looked in the comments and saw all the people who missed Word Perfect's Show Codes feature. QTML definitely shows the codes!

I definitely see the potential for a QTML based editor to compete with a program like Scrivener for writers. I could add tags with names for target locations which could be referenced elsewhere in the book as either chapters, sections, or pages. These could be dynamic so the reference would work even if either it was moved (new chapter/section) or if its page number changed due to font change or more content added before.

A purely visual layout program like Adobe InDesign can be terrible about hiding bugs. At least for the version I bought many years ago I could pour data into a layout area and have no warning that I needed to continue the article later. Content would be fairly quietly cut off.


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