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Unsaved Data Fix

Carl Milsted, Jr on Oct 15 14:12:23

Just fixed a bug where you can leave a page where you have unsaved data for a post or about page. This was not a problem in Mozilla, but it was just recently brought to my attention that it was a problem elsewhere.

Just fixed it for Chromium. I hope this fixes the problem for related browsers.


Chris Price on Oct 15, 2023 2:20 PM

Thanks again, Carl. Another bug...

On the (Members) Create a New Post page, under the What your Post Will Look Like heading, the inline buttons for locating a pic file isn't being invoked, just an error message in the preview pane.


Carl Milsted, Jr on Oct 15, 2023 2:30 PM

in response to comment_81_1

It is working for me. I just created private posts with pictures using both Mozilla and Chromium.

Could be you have an invalid picture name. No blanks or punctuation other than underscores allowed. In other words, don't include an extension.


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