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Steve's March Nitnoid Blog

Stephen J. Douglass on Mar 7 00:06:43

This will just be a place to hold some nitnoids - minor things - for later fixes. I will probably just add things in the blog edit function as opposed to making comments on each one. There may be times when cut and paste notes get tossed up here. I'll clean it up at the end of the month.

I hate doing these, even though I know coder Carl is pretty thick-skinned because I feel like I'm bitching. I'm not. These are just notes I'm making as I use the site with new subscribers' first experience/onboarding in mind. What I've discovered is that I keep working around minor (to me) sticking points because I know how, or a different way, but a newbie would not. What we don't want a new subscriber to ever say to himself is "I don't get it."

  • "Handle" is still confusing to me. It takes me a minute to go "oh right," but I know newbies will needs example and maybe a little better explanation.
  • Choose logo page has misspelling for "titles"
  • choose logo page is confusing. It looks like you need a pic already uploaded. This should be explained.
  • Nothing happens when "SET AS LOGO" button is clicked. There's no feedback telling you it worked. Should be a change that shows it succeeded or "took."

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