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SEO Feature: Post URL Slugs!

Carl Milsted, Jr on Mar 14 18:04:51

Until today, the web address for posts has been a combination of handle (member, blog, or group) and post ID. This is efficient, but kind of bush league.

So today, I have added a slug to the web address based on the post title. That is, I take the title and replace spaces with hyphens and get rid of all special characters and append that to the web address.

Whether this helps with ranking in the search engines is unknown, but it should make links to your posts look more professional if you email them to other people or otherwise display your post URL to the world.

The old link format still works! I don't actually use the slug. It's just there for SEO and pretty.

There are a lot of places where post addresses are created in the system. Some of these require updates to the database, especially links from Go and Next buttons. Some of these may have blank slugs until things get refreshed sufficiently.

Tags: SEO


Carl Milsted, Jr on Mar 14, 2024 6:06 PM

In fact, I just discovered a place where you don't get a slug: the link you get when you first create a post!

I'll fix it later. Just do a Prev/Next for now.


Carl Milsted, Jr on Mar 15, 2024 12:21 PM

in response to comment_141_1

Should be fixed now.

Indeed, you should get automatically redirected to your new post after publishing!


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