“Hannah Rose”

Location: an underground lair in an undisclosed location

Elderly Christian southern at heart lady, happily married, and a mother.



Meaning of the icons beside the posts:

A public post. The icon is supposed to be a megaphone.
A private post; i.e., a post just to subscribers, filtered by channels. The icon is supposed to represent wires send the messages to particular people.
A note to self. The icon is a musical note. Terrible pun.

If you are logged in and looking at someone else's Posts page, the posts are listed in a table with both ordinary links and buttons to take you to the posts. If you use a button to go to a post, the cursor for reading that person's posts will be moved. Posts before the one you read will be considered read, and those after unread. You will get a next button at the end of the post to take you to the next "unread."

If you just click the ordinary link, then you can read a post without moving the cursor. (The first post after the cursor is highlighted in yellow.)

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)