The Podocasts: Supporting Real-World, Use-Case Crypto Consumer Applications

Scott Podojil brings a deep understanding and tell-it-like-it-is delivery to crypto investing.

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About The Podocasts: Supporting Real-World, Use-Case Crypto Consumer Applications

Apps not Chains: Products not Tools

The promise of crypto has always been, but often forgotten, its ability to disintermediate the rent-seeking and make-work that is inevitable in a fiat system. Conventional finance, real estate, insurance, legal, privacy, and data storage are the most obvious of the myriad sectors that crypto technology would allow its users to bypass the gate-keeping and middle-meddling built into our current corrupt system.

Alas, that hasn't been the case, yet. Taking a copy-cat approach, most developers chose to create clones of centralized finance derivative platforms. DEXes and wallets are great, but do we need hundreds? And worse, derivative platforms, the ones that aren't outright rug pulls anyway, employ the same playbook where devs and VCs use false promise hype to suck their exit liquidity from the small investor.

What Scott Podojil understands, promotes, and even outright funds is those crypto projects that are the missing piece of the overall crypto puzzle - consumer applications, a.k.a., products. Without these products, the blockchain space is an inversion of what it should be: a thousand banks with no businesses to deposit value. Until this trend is reversed, all we will have is conventional finance clones all chasing and passing back and forth the very same network token liquidity.

The Podocasts crew are pretty much the only ones I know of who are actively supporting use-case applications: Apps not Chains.

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