Holistic Politics

How to maximize a combination of liberty, equality, nature, and morality.

This is an open blog, owned by Carl Milsted, Jr.

About Holistic Politics

Holistic Politics is a site I started back in 2003, after trying to get the Libertarian Party over the hump in a hippie town. I figured that if the Party of Pot couldn't win in Asheville, NC, it couldn't win anywhere.

Well, even the pot legalization advocates were more concerned about the environment and concentrations of corporate power than they were about the drug war.

So I started the Holistic Politics site to point out where liberty overlaps with other values. Unlike some bits of Libertarian propaganda, such as Ruwart's Healing Our World, Holistic Politics does not claim the liberty always or automatically leads to pleasant outcomes. Tradeoffs are openly admitted. However, the site features measures where liberty is preserved or increased while at the same time furthering other values, such as economic equality, preserving nature, and/or improving morality.

Work on the site led me away from pure libertarianism, to the point where I had to leave the Libertarian Party. But for those who want to actually experience more liberty, the ideas in Holistic Politics are a better start than libertarian theory. One dimensional thinking leads to political failure.

Moving the Blog Portion

The site is mostly evergreen content; it is more books than blog. But it had a Wordpress blog for announcements and assorted musings.

Wordpress is a security hole if not maintained, so I'm porting the still relevant posts from the blog to a more secure (and faster) service. Then, I shall add a new post from time to time.

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)