Fnorable Posts from Other Fora

Illustrating the uses of Fnora as a Page-Post tool on other platforms - the bird, the friend, etc.

This is an open blog, owned by Styrian Beaufort.

About Fnorable Posts from Other Fora

This blog is intended to illustrate how our Fnora Blog/Mini-Blog feature can be used to create easily styled page posts to share on other platforms in lieu of their character and punctuation limited editor functions, posts and comments.

Styrian will be choosing otherwise exceptional Tweet strings and Facebook posts of people he is following on other platforms and will spiff them up with Fnora's simple yet powerful markup language called QTML.

Go to the QTML Tutorial to learn the basics. You can also view the QTML code on any post where it is used where you see the "View QTML" button. See bottom of page.

If you subscribe to Carl Milsted here on Fnora, you can view his code and then you REALLY get to see the best use of QTML since he did create it and continues to add to and improve it.

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)