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Conserving Freedom in 2021

Carl Milsted, Jr on Apr 20 23:04:30

Originally published January 5, 2021

The bad news: unless Trump pulls a Kraken out of a hat in the next few days, we are looking at a year of dangerous Democrat dominance.

The good news: as long as we have some remaining rule of law, the current situation provides billions of dollars of business opportunities for enterprising conservatives and libertarians. These are revealed in the article below, which is a crosspost of my personal strategic ruminations for 2021. Like the Glenn Beck show, there is a mix of entertainment and enlightenment.


When they have adequate opposition, left wing political parties are fluffy, cuddly, and sometimes useful. They defend Free Speech and the Rights of the Accused. They oppose racism. They call out corporations doing naughty things and demand better conditions for the working classes. Their solutions are expensive and often counterproductive, but their hearts are usually in the right place.

But take away real opposition and a phase change happens. They become crazy, tyrannical, and often bloodthirsty – like gremlins if you feed them after dark. It happened during the French Revolution. It happened in Russia a century ago. It happened in China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, North Korea… And it’s happening now in Venezuela…and the United [ sic] States of America.

The Left has gone from Question Authority to Believe the Science. They have gone from defenders of Free Speech to demanders of censorship and Safe Spaces. From whining about McCarthyism and the blacklisting of Communists to a ridiculous Cancel Culture. Today, the Religious Right has more sense of humor than college campuses. The Babylon Bee is the new National Lampoon. Left wing big city politicians talk of legalizing theft outright – if you are poor. Innocent Until Proven Guilty has given way to Believe Her. Open socialists threaten to take over the Democratic Party. With Identity Politics, the American Left has also embraced racism. And then there were the riots.. It’s as if they are plagiarizing the Nazi playbook, but with WASPs instead of Jews as their villains.

This is something of an emergency situation.

Our big cities and the Left Coast desperately need viable opposition parties, and the Establishment Republicans are clueless on how to do it.

Trump has some clue. He recognizes that the American working class has been getting a bum deal for decades. But Trump’s ability to communicate his message to the college educated is lacking to say the least. And his complete denial of global warming and other environmental problems has the Educated worried enough to vote for the Nutcase Left.

Further down the ticket, Republicans remain mostly clueless. They think the Black Lives Matter riots are driven by a commie plot when in reality the commies simply lit a match to a pile of explosives that has been piling up since the Nixon years. They have forgotten that deficit spending is a subsidy to the Already Rich and foreign imports. They think we can have a market for medical care even when a large fraction of the populace cannot afford to pay their doctor. They have taken an oath to never raise taxes even though the federal budget deficit was a TRILLION dollars in 2019 – which was a good year for the economy.

With opposition like that, the Left can afford to be loony.

We need to start that viable opposition party yesterday.

Well, I started laying the groundwork for such a party last year – with the help of my friend Stephen Douglass. See the website – a call for mixing conservation with libertarian-populist conservatism. Steve even managed to get a whole bunch of people to like our Facebook page.

But when I post a link on that page, nothing happens.

Absolutely nothing.

Facebook has been throttling me for most of 2020, on that page and elsewhere. The Holistic Politics discussion group has largely fizzled out. My political posts on my personal feed have gone largely unseen.

Meanwhile, my Google traffic on all my old sites has slowed down to a trickle. As for the new site, we get more traffic from the Chinese search engine Baidu than from the big G.

The Silicon Valley powerhouses have joined forces the Loony Left to destroy what’s left of our republic. It’s like the scenario described in None Dare Call it Conspiracy.

Or maybe this Illuminati power structure:

With Donald Trump opposing with this motley coalition:

There was a time I could get my message out through my LP contacts and a bit of SEO. Those days are gone. SEO is hard and now it’s double-plus hard if you are using the word “conservative” which is kind of necessary when building a coalition against Left Coast looniness.

Maybe I just need to up my game and get better at persuasion and social media manipulation.

Oh wait! I tried that!

I read the theory. I feel like I understand it. But my brain refuses to apply it. I retain/apply the knowledge about as well as the average American internalizes advanced algebra.

If I were a Tim Ferris or Ryan Holiday I could get the message out despite the censorship. But I’m not. And despite liberal newage, there is such a thing as inborn talent, and my talents lie elsewhere.

And so we come to my New Year’s resolution for 2021:

Dr. Evil doesn’t do SEO. Dr. Evil does not kowtow to the dictates of Silicon Valley social networks. Dr. Evil doesn’t master persuasion unless it involves high tech hypnosis.

Dr. Evil doesn’t need Mojo. He uses money, mad science, intimidation, and dramatic gestures which cannot be ignored.

Seriously. How can you move public policy in a libertarian direction without an underground lair?

OK. OK. I have tighter ethical constraints than Dr. Evil. Stealing a nuclear weapon and blackmailing the world is out of the question. Ditto for the sharks with lasers. Indeed, my ethical constraints are tighter than the new President of the United States – whichever man (or woman) that turns out to be on January 20th.

But the harsh reality is that my inborn talent stack is much more Bond villain than metrosexual leading man. And there are dozens of opportunities to use that talent stack to restore our republic that don’t violate US law or Christian morality. Maybe hundreds.

If Silicon Valley doesn’t want to spread my content, I could launch competitors located in a red state. It’s time to take away some commas from the commies. Between the SJWs, pissed off conservatives, overpriced real estate, and overly greedy monitization, our Silicon Valley overlords are vulnerable.


If you are a concerned American with capital, let’s talk.

And for those of ye who aren’t software geeks, I have plenty of ideas for your consideration below.

Opportunities Abound for Freedom Lovers

C.S. Lewis pointed out generations ago that pure evil has limited power. Good that has been bent is what is truly dangerous.

Well, as the Loony Left gains full control, it has begun the transition from Bent to Broken. After mastering bureaucrat fu and oozing to the top of our institutions, the bad guys, gals, and assorted abominations are destroying their power base. For example the Social Justice Warriors at Disney are trashing billion dollar franchises. Hollywood has gone so Puritanical Satanist that even the Religious Right can tell funnier jokes.

With film replaced by dirt cheap digital technology, Hollywood is vulnerable. Very vulnerable. There is a yuge market for Christian compatible entertainment. I’m not talking propaganda films with churchy language. I’m just talking movies with a bit of traditional morals; adult movies that don’t have gore, nudity and foul language; programming suitable for older children; movies and shows where ordinary characters go to church now and then; TV dads who aren’t complete morons; action entertainment where civilians use guns responsibly…

And how about bringing back comic books suitable for children?? Bring back the Comics Code Authority (but make participation voluntary).

We aren’t limited to the entertainment industry. Most of corporate America has bowed down to the cultural Marxists. This means that if you have the capital, you can replicate just about any successful business plan and enjoy a safe market niche by simply being willing to advertise on conservative media.

Remember Snapple? Rush Limbaugh turned that foul stale iced tea beverage product into a billion dollar company. And that’s before the legacy corporations went full SJW. The opportunities are even bigger today. Imagine applying this marketing strategy to products that aren’t terrible…

Make Products for Paranoids

It’s not your imagination. THEY are spying on you. Web sites track you. Your phone can be tracked by the police. Modern cars are hooked up to the Internet. Microsoft has moved to a spyware model with Windows 10. Modern televisions are two-way communication devices. Even thermostats and utility meters can used to spy on you.

Most of the spying is for marketing purposes – but data once collected can be abused all sorts of ways. 1984 is just a few mouse clicks away.

Many people are concerned. They have money. Some of the ideas below are profitable. Others need to be open source – good resume builders only.

How about physical warehouse stores which have Amazon-like selection but don’t require a membership, and take cash? Use the model of the old Best Products stores, but bigger. And put some arcade games in the waiting room to entertain customers while the gnomes in the warehouse send orders to the checkout area.

How about a lightweight computer operating system that’s user friendly? And give it a graphical API that kids can learn to program with. Programming on an old Atari 800 was far more entry level friendly than modern languages and APIs.

How about an easy to learn keyboard layout so people don’t get hooked on voice recognition as an interface?

How about a Roku competitor which doesn’t track your viewing habits to sell ads?

How about secure cell phones which don’t talk to Google?

How about a new telephone voice protocol where telemarketers cannot spoof their number/address?

How about a secure email protocol – where, once again, return addresses cannot be spoofed by spammers?

How about new cars that don’t drive themselves. And make them with no wireless connection between controls that outside world. (Any navigation console could have a separate computer. Computers are dirt cheap these days.) And make the cars easy to drive manually like they used to be. Gear down the steering wheel so a small twitch doesn’t put you in a different lane when driving on the interstate!

And while we are talking out of control computers, how about a new web page description language that terse and complete enough that you don’t need 5G speeds to download a simple blog post because of the megabyte of JavaScript libraries that come with the text.

Speaking of 5G, how about products for people who don’t like having their brains microwaved?

And for those seriously concerned about electromagnetic fields (as well as audiophiles who hate the 60 Hz hum), how about a line of decent DC home appliances to go with a DC solar power system?

Redneck Friendly Eco Technology

Electric cars are nice and quiet, and they move the pollution out of town to the power plant. But all that computerization gives me the creeps, and squeezing enough miles out of a battery using lightweight materials and aerodynamics isn’t workable for guys who have heavy cargoes to haul. And range anxiety is an issue for people who live far from town. Finally, the rural spirit of independence requires vehicles that can be worked on in the front yard. Electric cars are not redneck friendly.

Dukes of Hazzard intro

While we are talking moonshine powered cars, how about bringing back spark ignition small tractors? Diesel particles are bad for the brain. Make them able to run off either gasoline or alcohol. Both rednecks and gentlemen farmers could be your market. And keep any software open source! Some guys want to tinker…

Solar energy could be appealing to ornery independent types if it gets you completely off the grid. And country folk with land can go hog wild if need be:

Hydrogen house project video.

So, My Eeeeevil Plan in a Nutshell

  1. Make a billion dollars (Or get a friend of like mind to do so.)
  2. Write another book. This time a manifesto for a new political party.
  3. Spend a crap ton of money marketing the book.
  4. Start party.
  5. Run for office purely for the purpose of legally spending some of that billion to promote party.

What could go wrong?


Carl Milsted, Jr on Apr 20, 2023 11:12 PM

I originally wrote this back in January 2021. When I look back on this post today (April 2023) it seems prescient.

At the time I wrote this post, I still had a day job, so I just did that job and added articles to Green and Free when time permitted.

Well, that job went on what was supposed to be a temporary hiatus in January 2022. When that hiatus was still going on in May, I decided that it was time to work on Step 1 above. Fnora was born.

During all this time, the censorship has gotten worse. Search engine traffic to my sites has gone down to a tiny trickle.

So in order to bypass Google, I'm creating a new social network. It should be rather useful for those in a similar situation. And once the network effect grows, I expect non-bloggers to eventually notice that there's a social network which respects their time and doesn't fry their brains.


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