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Scrap Post for Video Demo

Carl Milsted, Jr on Mar 13 14:39:32

Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D And some more text. I also have an old site called Holistic Politics.

After you edit your text, hit the Preview button. If there are no errors or missing pictures, you can hit the Post button which will appear below the preview frame. If you don't like your changes, just keep editing and hit Preview again until you like what you see.


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Drag the picture you want to upload into the large box below. You can use the controls to edit the picture to be uploaded. This will not affect the picture on your hard disk.

Or, if you are on a tablet or phone, or don't like Drag and Drop, you can select a picture using this

Get a modern browser to make picture uploads

Up Right Down Left


Color Balance:
Red: 1.0
Green: 1.0
Blue: 1.0
Gray: 1.0


Slide the boxes with triangles along the edges of the picture to crop.

(Picture below can be dragged if need be.)