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Host Your Own Forum, or Ten

Carl Milsted, Jr on Apr 30 22:26:42

In case you haven't noticed, Conntects's comment system has more in common with traditional forum software than with typical blogs or social media sites. Comments are linear, and almost as much formatting status as the post proper. Therefore, if you set up a Conntects group, you have something very similar to a forum, without the bother of dealing with hosting and setup.

Conntects groups are not identical to full featured fora, however; the posts aren't grouped by categories, and currently there is no mechanism for sorting posts by those most recently commented upon. (Maybe I should add this feature...) So if you absolutely need all the features of a traditional forum, then set up one on your own site (or find a service which hosts traditional fora).

But for many purposes, Conntects groups are good enough or even better. Conntects groups can be public, private, or even secret. Get together with your friends from school days. Form a book club or a Bible study group. Teach a class. Use Conntects for user support for your Internet product. There are many possibilities.

We Also Do Simple Conferences

Conntects has both private messaging and conferences. Conferences are just like private messages but can have more than two people involved. They are simpler than groups in that there is only one thread of comments.

If you are in a group email conversation and are tired of your inbox filling up as well as all the redundancy of quotations from previous messages, give Conntects conferences a try.

Note: I use the term "conference" over group chat in order to avoid confusion with groups. Also, Conntects is intentionally not a real time platform. Messages are intentionally delayed a short bit in order to keep the platform from becoming addictive. We may add a more real time feature in the future for special events. These will be limited duration parties. A party which runs too long gets old...


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