Welcome to Conntects – the Social Network That Preserves Your Focus

In our super mobile age, social media is a potentially wonderful thing: it allows us to keep up with scattered friends, family, and other contacts. It allows us to connect with strangers who have shared interests. It allows us to discuss and debate the finer points of football, or the fate of our nation.

But there is a serious problem with existing social media services: they are frying our brains! The information firehose is infinite and chaotic. And attempts to manage the information flow using evil robots leave many angry and/or unhappy.

Conntects is the solution.

Much of the above should be obvious. But what is this FOMO thingy? How can you have a social networking service without infinite scrolling? And what's the big deal about continuous context switches?

Read on!

Connect in Context

For those of us who don't live their entire lives in a small village, we effectively have multiple social networks. Our connections to others looks something like this:

We connect with different clusters of people under different settings, different contexts. Our brains dig up different memories, and invoke different behaviors, for different contexts. There is a mental cost to switching from talking about old times with frat brothers or sorority sisters to talking about family memories with your grandmother.

Legacy social networking services make you pay that cost repeatedly by shuffling your the posts by your contacts into an infinite scrolling nightmare of context shifts.

Ads, auto-play videos, and intentionally addictive Suggested Clickbait posts don't help the situation.

Conventional social media services our frying our brains.

Conntects is Different

Conntects is the revolutionary social networking platform which allows you to focus on one of your networks at a time.

Conntects does away with the infinite scrolling feed entirely. Instead, you get a dashboard which shows you what's new, in a logical fashion:

From there, you get to decide whose posts you want to read. After each post you get a NEXT button instead of an infinite page. You get to read new posts in forward chronological order, by contact. And your contacts can be ordered in a fashion that fits your social network structure. No unnecessary context shifts.

And no Fear of Missing Out! Conntects maintains a cursor for each of your contacts. Just because you have a friend who posts 20 times a day, you don't have to read every one of those posts in order to get to the posts of your less active contacts.

No Ads

Conntects will not be ad funded. This has huge implications:

  • No wasted time and attention looking at ads and "Suggested Posts."
  • No brain draining multitasking as you see ads along with desired content.
  • No reason to be addictive. We want you see what you want to see and then enjoy reality.
  • No censorship to please our corporate overlords.
  • No privacy-violating data mining in order to optimize ads.

There is a catch: Conntects will not be a free service once development is done. Freedom isn't free. Sorry. But the price will be cheap, far cheaper than:

  • Lost privacy
  • Fear of missing out
  • Time wasted watching intentionally addictive content
  • Hours of brain fog from excessive multitasking and hypnotic scrolling.

But wait! There's more! A customer funded service doesn't need a sales department for ads, or evil robots to determine your buying preferences. This gives us room to add some cool features for our real customers: YOU.

(P.S. You are looking at the alpha test version of Conntects. This is free to select invitees.)

Post in Style

If you just want to post grunts and GIFs, there's a great service for that: Twitter. Use it. Elon Musk needs the money.

But if you want to get fancy or post deep thoughts, Conntects is the place to be.

Conntects allows you to style text in all sorts of ways, including:

  • italics
  • bold
  • highlighted
  • crossed out
  • superscripts and subscripts
  • and more

And you are not limited to paragraphs. You can have

  • headings
  • equations
  • tables
  • and more

And you have all this power available for personal posts, blog posts, group posts, and even comments.

Learn more.

An Old School Blogging Platform

Conntects isn't just a social network, it's an old school blogging platform as well. Like the old days of blogging, you don't get the gazillion themes that you get with Wordpress. But also like the old days, you get a higher trust blogosphere.

  • Commenters are limited to those who paid to join. More humans, fewer bots!
  • A fresh tag space. Be seen!

And while Conntects doesn't have that many layout options, you get all the style power mentioned above, and those style options apply to comments as well.

With Conntects you can have public blogs to proclaim to the world, private blogs to communicate with the vetted, or secret blogs seen only by those you invite.

Host a Forum or Few

Thanks to Conntects' powerful commenting system, Conntects groups have most of the power of traditional forum systems, plus the affordability and ease of use of Conntects proper. You can use Conntects to host:

  • A local book club.
  • A Bible study group
  • A local social club's online discussions
  • A local political party's online discussions
  • A study group related to a class, online or otherwise

Just as for blogs, groups can be public, private, or secret.

So Join Already!

If you have been gifted with the secret coupon, seize the day, and become an early adopter. Join!

Or if you must learn all the features of Conntects before signing up, take the tour first.

And if you want to play with the formatting system, the interactive QTML tutorial works even if you aren't logged in. Check it out!